TEHO hotel info

We have quotas for the following hotels:


Alba – 30 rooms (Standard) for 3-6.6.2020. Price 97€/night. Reservation code: TEHO2020Kuvahaun tulos haulle alba hotel jyväskylä

Hotel Alba is located on campus, 2km off the city center. It is right by the lakeside, offering pleasant views over Lake Jyväsjärvi. It is also located very close to the conference site, Ruusupuisto, which is approximately 350 meters, and only 5 minutes on foot. 

Address: Ahlmaninkatu 4, 40100

Tel: +358 14 636 311


Verso – 20 rooms (standard) for 3.-5.6.2020. Price 105€/night for one, 115€/night for two persons. 

Hotel Verso. one of the best hotels in Jyväskylä, is located right in the heart of the city. Straight road takes you from the hotel to Ruusupuisto. The distance is 1,5km.Kuvahaun tulos haulle hotel verso jyväskylä

Address: Kauppakatu 35, 40100 Jyväskylä

Tel: +358 41 333 999

The reservations can be made by mentioning the reservation code TEHO20 either by phone +358 14 333 999, by e-mail info@hotelliverso.fi or via the hotel website www.hotelliverso.fi.

Solo reservations can be cancelled withouth a fee on the day of arrival, when done before 12 pm.


Summer Hotel Harju – 20 rooms. The quota is not yet confirmed, but single rooms have typically been 55-65€ per night.Kuvahaun tulos haulle summer hotel harju

Located on the side of a well-known landmark of Jyväskylä (Harju) is near the services of the city centre. The route from travel centre to the hotel is practically straight line and about 1km only. The distance from the hotel to Ruusupuisto is about 2km and 20min walk. 

Address: Sepänkatu 3, 40740 Jyväskylä
Tel: +358 10 279 2004


Paviljonki – 20 rooms for 3-5.6.2020. Price for single 134€ and double occupancy 144€ / night. Reservation code: BTEHO2020.

Located in the Lutakko square area, Sokos Hotel Paviljonki is one of the newest hotels in Jyväskylä. It is located near the travel center. The distance between the hotel and Ruusupuisto where the event is held is approximately 2 kilometers on foot and the duration Kuvahaun tulos haulle paviljonki hotelis somewhat 20 minutes. 

Address: Lutakonaukio 10, 40100 Jyväskylä
Tel: tel:+358 20 1234 645


Other options of accommodation:
In Jyväskylä there are several types and forms of accommodation to fit your needs or budget. Most of the hotels, hostels and other places to stay are located in the city center or in nearby.  Here are few examples of accommodation in Jyväskylä:
– Local Culture Hostel, right next to Seminaarinmäki Campus, short walking distance from Ruusupuisto.
– Boutique Hotel Yöpuu, located in the lower town, in city center
– Omena Hotel, very affordable hotel with a good location near the travel center.