TEHO2020 Conference

OBS! The University of Jyväskylä has made a decision to cancel all public events until the end of June beginning March 11. For this reason – with grave heart – we have to cancel TEHO2020 conference altogether. We are very sorry for this. The decision of the university is the following:

Public events at the University of Jyväskylä from 11 March 2020 to 30 June 2020

To prevent coronavirus infections and especially to protect risk groups, any congresses and public events that are organised by JYU and that have more than 30 participants will primarily be held through online connections or as live online broadcasts. If this is not possible, the event is postponed to a later date or cancelled. This arrangement does not apply to private events or meetings of less than 30 participants. The policy is valid until 30 June 2020.”

All registration payments will be returned. We will update information as soon as we get it.


Making sense of history, June 4-5, 2020

Photo by Marianna Tarvainen, Teho2017

Making sense of history seeks to strengthen research on history pedagogy by furthering cooperation between history education practice and research. Scholars and practitioners interested in the pedagogy of history will give short presentation and organize longer workshops that address the learning, teaching and researching of history in schools, universities, and, more generally, society. Participants include teachers who specialise in history and social science education, as well as graduate students and scholars.

Workshops and presentations address for example the following themes:

  • How do we teach historical thinking and skills-based history to students?
  • How can educators support the teaching and learning of skills-based history and historical thinking?
  • How to teach multiliteracies in history?
  • What kinds of skills are needed in learning history and developing historical thinking?
  • How can new platforms (social media, digital archives, etc.) support the development of historical thinking?
  • How can we assess students’ historical thinking and its development?
  • What innovative pedagogical methods exist for teaching history?

Over the course of this two-day conference, scholars, teachers and practitioners will share their research findings, offering examples of cutting-edge approaches and engaging in dynamic discussions that will help nurture intercultural dialogue and bridge scholarly and practical questions.

Keynote speakers for the conference are Carla von Boxtel (University of Amsterdam) and Oula Silvennoinen (University of Helsinki).

Conference venue is Ruusupuisto, University of Jyväskylä campus.

You can find the conference program here.

The conference is bilingual, in English and Finnish. The conference is designed so that there is English-language programme throughout.

The conference has a participation fee of 80 eur, which covers conference materials, coffee breaks and a reception with food and drinks. Registration IS CURRENTLY CANCELLED.

Information about hotels can be found here. About traveling to Jyväskylä, check here.

Please contact teho2020@jyu.fi for any questions.

Conference organizing team is: Simo Mikkonen, Anna Veijola, Sari Sulkunen & Ida Vesterinen

Photo by Marianna Tarvainen, Teho2017